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Our 2+ acres holds an abundance of containers, in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and weights.

Year-round, we stock an unrivaled selection of Asian ceramics, Terra Cotta, Guadalajara Pottery, the highly-prized Talavera, concrete, wood, and many other useful styles.

Our lightweight containers are great for situations in which weight is a concern (i.e., balcony, deck, rooftop). 

And while you're here, ask one of our Garden Design Experts for help selecting the proper-sized container for your planting needs. They’ll also steer you to the right soil for potting your plants. And, we offer a custom planting service. Just ask for details.

Stop in to see our huge selection. You’re sure to find the perfect container for your plants.

Aisles and Aisles of Containers

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Our selection of containers is vast. 

Modern Styles

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Contemporary pots for home and garden.

Asian Ceramics

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Beautiful containers in a variety of colors.

Huge Asian Ceramics Selection

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Small Asian Ceramic Pots

 We’re sure to have a color that moves you.

Stylish Terra Cotta

Plants in pots create a feel-good space.

Diverse Styles

We routinely find and stock unusual styles.

Fun Colors and Textures

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Great Selection of Colors and Sizes

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Expert Help

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Our Team members can help you select the right sized pot.

Diverse Shapes

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Unusual Colors, Unusual Textures

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Unique Drip Glazes

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Pair A Plant With a Stylish Pot

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Ask our Garden Design Experts for assistance. They can help ensure your pot is the right size for your plant and help you select the best potting soil.

Stunning Pots For Trees

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Graceful Olive Trees can look great in a container.

Fresh Vibrant Color

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Bright color brings energy into a space.

Terra Cotta For Succulents

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Terra Cotta and succulents go together well.

Plant Stands, Large Basins

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Plant stands are in and we have them.