Home Decor and Gifts

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Much of our Home Decor items can be found inside the store so venture in to see tabletop and wall fountains, containers, plants, kids' gardening items, watering cans, hose nozzles, wall art, rain chains, garden gnomes, bird feeders, sun hats, orchids, indoor plants, and much more.

Watering Cans For Kids

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Kids can help around the house and garden by watering. Our small watering cans are sized for little hands and lots of fun.

Beautiful Tile Garden Benches

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Our sturdy tile benches will add a special touch to any indoor or outdoor living space.

Color Bowls

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Our Color Bowls will add that wow to your space.

Indoor Fountains, Pottery, Plants

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Turn your home and garden into an oasis with the sound of flowing water.

Indoor Fountains

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Bring the soothing sound of flowing water into your home and garden.

Indoor Fountains

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Buddha can set the stage for relaxation.