We're known for our huge plant selection, housed on 2+ acres. From small succulents to small containers that fit them to USDA-certified organic and nonGMO vegetables and herbs to organic soils for planting and potting them to native Salvias, Sages, and plants that attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, we have pretty much everything to make your gardening experience amazing. 

So, stop in now to stroll our 2+ acres and find a world of rare plants like Ebony Leucadendron and hard-to-find Leucospermum. Or, discover our large selection of Succulents and Cacti from small to uber size. 

Our professional Garden Design Experts are ready to help you explore the wonderful world of gardening and enjoying the beauty and benefits of your efforts.

P.S. We are dog-friendly. So bring fido on a leash (required) and keep an eye out for our resident cat.