With summer nearly gone and fall officially on its way, now is a good time to add fun touches to your home and garden. If you're looking to re-do or create a new garden, did you know that Fall is the best time for planting? That's because the air temperature begins to cool down but the ground and earth is still warm which provides the optimal conditions for healthy roots to take hold and thrive.

But you needn't be planting a larger area to begin to enjoy the benefits of plants. Indoor plants not only add visual design elements to a home or office, they're also great for purifying indoor air. Our indoor plant selection is one of the best in Los Angeles, with deliveries more thane once a week, so our inventory changes frequently. Ask our staff for assistance.

Tabletop indoor fountains are another stylish item to add to a home or office. They can help block out unwanted noise such as traffic.

Lots of gardeners have been snagging Tillandsias and Bromeliads lately. Take a look at them as well as all of the succulents nearby and you're sure to find some eye-catching plants to enhance your home and garden.

Right now, the garden center is flush with Salvias, Sages, Milkweed, Kangaroo Paws, Plumbago, Potato Vine, Tacoma Smithii, Fruiting Olive trees, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, vegetables and herbs, in addition to lots of plants with interesting foliage (Phormium, Leucadendron, Grevillea, Bottle Brush, and more).

And for those of you who live in smaller spaces, we have lightweight containers that are perfect for balconies, decks, rooftop gardens, and anyplace where weight is a concern.

And did you know that if you have a small space, you can grow semi-dwarf citrus in containers and have your own fresh lemons or limes for use in drinks and recipes? Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance.

And for those of you who'd love to have an amazing Plumeria in your garden, we have them in sizes from one gallon to boxed specimens.

See you at the garden center!