Freshen up your home for Thanksgiving with pumpkins small and large, bumpy or smooth, and indoor plants in pots. Or, plant Citrus, Junipers, Boxwoods, and other select plants in containers to refresh your outdoor living areas.

How about a Meyer Lemon in a beautiful container? Or a "Little Gem" Magnolia in the ground or a container?

As the holidays approach, we have small and larger ways to make your home feel welcoming. Hanging indoor plants such as ferns will add soft greenery to your home. Small topiary Ivy will enhance your home. Or, what a one of our jolly Gnomes, who enjoy being on display year-round, not just at the holidays?

And, if you're looking to plant in the ground (how about a new hedge or focal point in the garden?), Fall is the best time of the year for planting.