The weather has warmed up and with it, flowers are dotting the California landscape. The Super Bloom of 2019 (#superbloom2019) is prompting folks to flock to the hills to see Mother Nature at her best. 

Spring at the garden center means plants are arriving all the time, as well as new containers. If you are looking to spruce up your patio, decks, balconies, rooftop with potted plants, we are the place to find just the container you've been looking for.

And, in case, you haven't noticed, the Painted Lady butterfly chose the marina and other beach cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to include in their migratory path, resulting in swarms of these cousins of the Monarch Butterfly to be found flitting about in the GC.

In addition to our butterfly-friendly and pollinator-friendly plants, we have Roses, Citrus, and Native Plants so stop in now and get planting.

See you at the Garden Center!