Mother Nature is doing her job and Spring is everywhere we look. This is true at the garden center where gardening fans are simply stopping in to enjoy a leisurely stroll on our 2+ acres. Some wander much of our in-stock plant selection, some even posing for photos throughout the garden center. Yes, our grounds are just that beautiful, with Spring bringing color to virtually every corner of our nursery.

Roses are in magnificent bloom, Mandevilla and Trumpet Vines are stunning, Salvias and Sages are a hue of purples, pinks, blues, reds, and lavender. Kangaroo Paws cut graceful arcs into the air with their long stems with blooms. Citrus like grapefruit are flowering profusely, boding well for a wealth of fruit. Milkweed is all budded up and blooming and ready to feed and sustain the Monarch Butterfly. 

Our Garden Design Experts are ready to help you have an amazing garden and outdoor living space(s). See you at the Garden Center!