Add that Orange, Lemon or Lime bush/tree to your landscape now. We have Meyer Lemon, Eureka Lemon, Bearss Lime, Mexican Lime, Tangerines, Washington Navel Oranges, Kumquats, and more.

We also have a variety of stone fruit trees, including Plum, Nectarine, Apricot, and Peach. You and your family and friends will love the fresh fruit these trees will produce.

And if you'd like to grow your own Avocados, we have beautiful Avocado Trees, as well as edible Fruiting Olive Trees, not to mention Fig Trees, too.

And to help you have a beautiful garden and outdoor living area, we feature plants from the best growers.

Check out our Locally Grown hanging baskets of color. Or, our California Native Plants section. 

Right now, our Vines are looking spectacular and flush with flowers. Use a Vine for instant privacy or group some together.

We also have a great selection of Boxwoods and Topiary Junipers. Make a hedge or elegant statement or privacy screen with these beautiful shrubs. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance. They can provide you with expert advice.