If you haven't seen our hand-thrown pottery, you need to stop in. Made by a local artisan who retired from a successful career and is now following his passion, it's unique and will add flair anywhere. 

When you stop in, you're sure to see all of the happy butterflies flitting about. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts to help you discover the world of butterfly-friendly plants, including Milkweed, which we stock year-round.

Those of you looking for hard-to-find Citrus will find it here. We've scoured our resources to be able to proudly present a large selection of Lemons, Limes, and Oranges. Plant one now and enjoy fresh juice or zest in your drinks and recipes this summer.

Those of you looking ahead to get new plants in the ground during Fall, the best season for planting, can do so now with large focal points such as Grevillea and Bottle Brush, among other stunning shrubs and trees.

We have plenty of plants for immediate summer color, including bedding plants, perennials, and hanging baskets. Arrange your patio with our pre-planted colorful Succulent and Cacti containers, in a variety of sizes. 

Pot up a Hibiscus or Kangaroo Paw in one of our countless containers, available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

If you're looking for a way to have some privacy, pot or plant a vine or group some together. Our Garden Design Experts can help you. We have many vines on large- and medium-sized trellises and stakes.

And remember, our indoor plants will turn your home into a cool and breezy place.

Yes, "Life is Good at the Beach." See you at the Garden Center!