Don't think you can plant now? Think again!

Cool-season vegetables are in and ready to be planted. These work great in small spaces, in the ground or in containers that match your mood -- sleek and contemporary, cute or classic. 

Now's also a good time for planting Salvias. Not only do these water-saving perennials produce colorful spikes of flowers that make a garden stand out they also attract hummingbirds. So, yes, you can bring hummingbirds to your garden right now!

We also have a good selection of Milkweed, so you can help the Monarch Butterfly visit your neighborhood. This beautiful butterfly eats Milkweed and sometimes, you'll even find a caterpillar (a Monarch Butterfly in the making) already feasting on the plants we have in stock. It takes a good eye but do look for these striped caterpillars to see if you are taking a Monarch in the making home with you.

We've been very pleased to see our healthy Citrus shrubs and trees going home with customers and will have a new shipment in soon. In the meantime, we do still have Meyer and Eureka Lemon bushes and trees in stock, as well as Bearss Limes and Grapefruit.