As the weather turns a bit chilly and we move toward winter, start turning your home and garden into a winter wonderland with our help. We have stunning, beautiful small designer pots for indoor houseplants. Make a succulent arrangement. Pot a small Bromeliad. You can turn your home into a gracious home for the holidays.

The Yuletide Camellia is one to check out now, with its red blooms that say "Christmas." Pot one up for your patio or deck. We have special lightweight containers for those places where weight in a consideration such as on a balcony or deck.

Pot up Citrus or a Grevillea. Or plant some Milkweed and invite the Monarch Butterfly to your garden. No matter what you're looking for -- a firepit to warm yourselves by, a fountain to add the soothing sound of flowing water, an artisan lamp, hand-thrown one-of-a-kind pottery, the prized Talavera pottery -- our Garden Design Experts can help you.

So, stop in, say "Hi," and enjoy our natural habitat as you stroll the garden center's 2+ acres.

See you at the Garden Center!