We have yet another new grower to announce -- and this one grows a wealth of Grevilleas, Leucadendron and Leucopspermum. ensuring we have the largest selection around. You'll want to stop in to see how your garden can benefit from a diverse selection of the Australian Native, Grevillea. We have Honey and Misty Pink in addition to the more typical but beautiful varieties including Superb, Rainbow and many others. If you're into South African Natives, our Leucospermum and Leucadendron selection is unrivaled. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts to help you find just what you are looking for. They can also let you know how these gorgeous native plants will thrive in our Southern California climate.

Right now, we have Salvias and lots of Rosemary and Westringia to help keep color alive in a winter garden. Mirror Plants and Flax and Cordyline are also effective ways to add year-round intrigue and color through the use of foliage.

We've also received some brand new containers -- in a soft robin's egg blue, soft yellow and other colors, all in a matte finish. And our containers selection is huge right now -- with loots of Asian glazed ceramic pots, terra cotta containers, and colorful plastics and other lightweight materials (good for use in places where weight is a concern).

So do stop in to see how you can turn your home and garden into a world of beauty, wonder, and paradise.

See you at the Garden Center!