The biggest news right now is that Rose bushes have arrived! Better yet, our inventory includes nearly 40 varieties of Roses so you're sure to find the ones you want in your garden! Our selection includes the latest roses, Stiletto, introduced in 2020, and Perfume Factory and painted Porcelain, both 2021 introductions. We also have the Disnelyand Rose this year, as well as favorites such as Miranda Lambert, Burst of Joy, Tranquility, Sugar Moon, All Dressed Up, Distant Drums, Hot Cocoa, Henry Fonda, Iceberg, Ingrid Bergman, Julia Child, Just Joey, Ketchup & Mustard, Opening Night, Mister Lincoln, Perfume Delight, Plum Perfect, Yves Piaget, About Face, Angle Face, Double Delight, Easy Spirit, and Twilight Zone.

We also have a nice selection of the prized David Austin Roses, including Darcey Bussell, Heritage, The Lady Gardener, Carding Mill, Charlotte, Desdemona, Princess Alexandra of Kent, and Graham Thomas.

Right now is also a great time for Aloes: they are blooming and Hummingbirds love them! We have a good selection of these prized plants in several areas in the Garden Center so be sure to ask one of our Garden Design Experts for help finding all of them.

New to the Garden Center as well is what has to be one of the best selections of Australian and South African Native Plants, which do extremely well in our climate due to our similar weather patterns. We have Leucospermum, Leucodendron and Grevillea, all stunning plants to have in your landscape. 

Chat with one of our Garden Design Experts about how you can add these stunning and unusual looking plants to your garden either as focal points, a beautiful hedge, and throughout your landscape to add distinctive visual appeal.

As always, if you're looking for that perfect pot or several pots, our container selection is packed with all sorts of sizes, finishes and weights. We carry lightweight containers that are suitable for places where weight is a concern so you can turn balconies, rooftops, decks into places of wonder and beauty.

Our vegetable and herb selection is packed with a bountiful selection. If you're new to gardening, please don't hesitate to ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance. In 2020, we've welcome countless new gardeners learn how to plant and have thriving home vegetable and herb gardens, even in small spaces.

Marigolds, Petunias, Pansies and all sorts of flowering flower bed plants are in and will brighten your day! Also, be sure to step inside our store to see all of our incredible Indoor Plants, Orchids, baskets, more containers, hand-thrown pottery, Talavera pottery, watering cans, seed packets, and more.

Spring has sprung and we are ready to help you have the best garden ever!

See you at the Garden Center!