Stroll into the Garden Center to see for yourself how beautiful everything is. Loads of Roses are in bloom, as well as hard-to-find Wisteria Vines and native plants from California, Australia and South Africa, countries that share a climate similar to ours.

Our Garden Design Experts are on hand to provide knowledge and superior service, and can help you find the plants that will do well in your garden, given its amount of shade or sun, type of soil and more.

Now is also the perfect time to set loose Beneficial Insects in your garden. They'll take on any pests you have, naturally, without the use of chemicals. We have Ladybugs, Earth Worms, Lacewings, Preying Mantids, and Beneficial Nematodes. Stop in to consult our Team on which Beneficial Insects will get the job you need done. BONUS: Kids love watching the Beneficials and learning more about them. In fact, why not buy some Ladybugs so your kids can set them free and watch them fly away and about in your garden or yard?