As students return to school and the approach of Fall becomes a reality, there is still much you can do to enjoy your home and garden. Plant a few small Succulents in a container. Find a spot for a large dramatic Cactus, in the ground or in a pot. Plant the tropical favorites, like Plumeria and Hibiscus. Bring butterflies to the garden with Milkweed for the Monarch butterflies and beautiful Buddleia. Right now, indeed, as always in Southern California, there are many ways to express ourselves in our homes and gardens. And the Marina del Rey Garden Center and our staff of professionals are ready to help you have the best garden ever!

For the past few weeks, the garden center has been home to loads of butterflies flitting about in our Salvia/Sage section. Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies have been abundant, flitting about. This ever present activity by critters is why we are a Certified Wildlife Habitat, so stop in. You might spy a lizard or a hummingbird or see our Nursery cat Patches, a very popular and friendly girl.

In addition to our California Native Plant selection, we feature plants native to Australia and South Africa, which share similar climate characteristics with us. Leucadendron, Grevillea, Leucospermum and Kangaroo Paws are a few of the plants native to Oz that we carry year-round so ask one of our Garden Design Experts how you can incorporate these stunning plants into your landscape and garden.

We are definitely the place to shop for containers, with a recently expanded selection from which you're sure to find some gorgeous pots in a wide variety of sizes.

Our 2+ acres also holds a large selection of Palms, from small to large. And we have Olive Trees small enough for hedges and large enough to be focal points. Our selection changes daily so be sure to hurry in and ask our staff to direct you to the areas in the garden center that offer what you're looking for. Plants that come in sell quickly so do ask our Garden Design Experts for assistance and advice.

See you at the Garden Center!