Fall is officially here in less than a week and right now the air sure feels like Fall. Our Annual Pumpkin Patch will return soon so be ready to visit for fun, Day of the Dead themed Talavera Pottery items, Halloween themed statuary, and lots of pumpkin varieties to select from. Our Hay Bales have arrived and we are busy preparing for a Fun Fall Festival!

And when you stop in, do stroll our grounds to see all of the gorgeous plants and containers! We have lots of Salvias and Lavenders in, small and large Succulents and Cacti, wonderful herbs and vegetables, and Roses still in bloom.

If you're looking for privacy, ask one of our Garden Design Experts to help you discover all of your options, from vines on tall and wide trellises to Privets and other suitable hedges and trees planted in a row.

We are here to help you have a great garden and fun outdoors! Sop in to visit us! See you at the Garden Center!