Butterfly-Friendly Plants

Bring butterflies to your home and garden with the plants that attract them. Did you know the Monarch Butterfly depends on Milkweed for its survival?  We stock it year-round (shown at left).


Scabiosa, aka pincushion flower, is one of the loveliest choices for a butterfly garden. Its charming blossoms stand tall to welcome passing butterflies. Scabiosa grows best in well-drained soil and full sun. It is drought tolerant and blooms from April through summer. Use pincushion flower scattered throughout your garden or add it to large pots and planters and watch the butterflies arrive.


Butterfly Bush

Spell it either way (Buddleia or Buddleja), Butterfly Bush casts a stunning display of flowers in Spring and Summer. This shrub features purple, magenta, or white flowers that butterflies love. 

White Butterfly Bush and Lavender

Butterfly Bush

Jerusalem Sage

Native to the mountains of Syria, Jerusalem Sage attracts butterflies (Monarch Butterfly, above), bees, and birds. It is an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance plant that is drought-tolerant and drought-resistant.

Manzanita Flowers

The recent migration of the Painted Lady Butterfly literally exploded across the Southland in February and March, when thousands of these butterflies frantically raced north to their Oregon breeding grounds. It was a scene never before seen in the Los Angeles area. The Painted Lady is a cousin to the Monarch Butterfly. Above, one appears just beyond the Manzanita flower in the background. Many a Painted Lady ventured through the Garden Center with a small number of them staying a bit longer underneath the shade cloth that covers our Shady Plants section. Look on our Facebook page to see our video of them during their visit.