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"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace." -- May Sarton
Our new Spring hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Marina del Rey Garden Center: An Aerial View of Our 2+ Acres

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Roses in Bloom, Blueberries, Grape Vines, Figs, Artichokes, Kiwi Fruit,...
So much is in bloom right now at the garden center, making it the perfect time t...
Roses, Salvias, Lavenders, Kangaroo Paws, Hibiscus, Marigolds, Petunias...
There's no better place than the Garden Center for seeing gorgeous plants in blo...
Dahlias, Roses in Bloom, Wisteria Vines, Hydrangea, Native Plants, Cean...
Stroll into the Garden Center to see for yourself how beautiful everything is. L...

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Specialty Areas: Shown Below

Milkweed For the Monarch Butterfly


Look to us to find pesticide-free Milkweed, the plant Monarch Butterflies need to sustain their lifecycle. We've partnered with select growers to help the Monarch population by having Milkweed available year-round.

Beautiful Color Bowls

Color Bowls are available pre-planted in a variety of diverse containers.  

Small Succulents and Cacti

Succulents and Cacti come in a variety of intriguing shapes, colors and textures. Pair one with a pot.

National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

We are proud to be a Certified Wildlife Habitat where hummingbirds play, butterflies feed and flutter, and birds sing.

Grevillea: Learn All About These Beautiful Australian Natives


Grevillea are beautiful flowering shrubs native to Australia, making them perfect for our climate. Several varieties are low growing, however, the more striking ones are the taller shrub varieties with their unusual and striking blooms that capture the eye, near and from afar.

Grevillea are drought-tolerant once established, attract Hummingbirds, and love full sun.

We have a large selection of Grevillea, including Moonlight, Bonfire, Kay Williams, Ivanhoe, Long John, Ned Kelly, Honey Gem, Peaches & Cream, Spirit of Anzac, Coastal Gem, and Misty Pink, among others, at any given time. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance.

Leucospermum, Leucadendron: We Have Several Varieties of These Stunning Drought-Tolerant Natives


Gardeners in the know will want to stop in to see our selection of the hard-to-find Leucospermum (left). Part of the Protea family, these drought-tolerant plants produce colorful, pin cushion like blooms that capture the eye. Wealso have a large selection of Leucodendron, also a relative of Protea. Frequently called Conebush, these plants can be used as hedges, focal points or spread throughout a landscape. They, too, are drought tolerant once established. Each Leucadendron stalk is topped with a large inflorescence, i.e. the complete flower head of a plant including stems, stalks, bracts, and flowers.

Do ask our Garden Design Experts for any help you need. They can help you select the proper-sized container to plant in and the best soils for containers and in-ground planting.

We are an "Essential" business.

Please wear a Face mask or covering that covers your mouth and nose to be admitted to the Garden Center.


NEW: Following the recommendation of the CDC for the public to wear masks while outside, along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's recent order requiring all residents to wear a face covering, we have enacted mask requirements. No one may enter our premises without a mask or face covering so please be sure to have one and wear it! It needs to cover your mouth and nose.

We are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and welcome you to visit us and take in all the beauty flowers, plants, and nature provide. Because we sell vegetables, fruit, citrus, herbs, and other edible plants, we are considered an "essential" business and allowed to remain open.

We, of course, ask you to call or stop in so we can help you with all of your gardening needs. Spring is here and we all need to get outside and enjoy our surroundings.

We are practicing social distancing and ask you to do the same when visiting us. We have made arrangements to limit access to our interior store and cashier area to help us all stay safe and healthy.

Call us at (310) 823-5956 with any questions you may have. Again, thank you for your patronage and patience during this time. 

Why Choose Us


  • 2+ acres of gardening heaven
  • Certified Wildlife Habitat

Large selection of

  • Waterwise, Drought-Tolerant Plants
  • Native Plants from California, Australia and South Africa
  • Succulents
  • Edibles: Citrus, Avocado trees, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit
  • Plants for Privacy, Hedges
  • Butterfly-Friendly Plants
  • Indoor Plants
  • Milkweed year-round for Monarch Butterflies

Best selection and variety of

  • Containers (Asian and Italian Glazed Ceramic, Lightweight Clay Fiber, and more), Planters
  • Fountains
  • Custom planted arrangements in colorful, unique containers


  • California Certified Nursery Professionals
  • Garden Design Experts
  • Delivery Service
  • Gift Cards
  • Long-established relationships with top Growers and Manufacturers
  • Member of the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers

Need A Gift for the Gardener in Your Life? Our Gift Card Makes A Great Gift!


A gift card from the Marina del Rey Garden Center is a much-treasured gift. Not only can the gift recipient use it anytime toward any of our merchandise and products (including special orders), our gift card NEVER EXPIRES and HAS ZERO EXTRA FEES ATTACHED to it!

Not sure what plants your gift recipient likes or wants or needs? Our Gift Card gives them the ability to select a plant or plants when they most want them. Even folks who need a simple house plant or Orchid or small Succulent in a cute pot will enjoy one of our Gift Cards,